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Victorious Secret LS

Victorious Secrets is a linkshell originally created by Evildgnker and Louie. The linkshell is mainly intended for the FFXI player that wants to hone his/her gear without the drama that is often encountered along the way. I feel, with the addition of the new Abyssea areas, that we have a chance play the endgame as it was intended - as a community.

The Philosophy and Etiquette of Victorious Secret Linkshell is a simple one. FFXI is a community game, and as such a player will quickly reach his/her limits as a solo member. You will need the help of others to reach your goals. Because of this, it is imperative that members be courteous to one another.

Guild News

7/23/2011 - Yes i forgot to update the main page again

Louie57703ffxi, Jul 25, 11 5:03 AM.
Not much new going on. Still burning through on our 2nd emp weapon for people.

Finished up dovas bow now he can go *pew* *pew* all he wants

Congrats Dova

We started up Boltt's right after, but with him having to leave town, an update on monday, then some low turn outs because people have real life events to attend so he only got the 80 version so far.

Grats Boltt, hope u up for some Tunga fun now!!!!

Also hit up some KS99 and Sky.
Only got one Wyrm Beard form the 8 we did (Grats to Purrrfect on it making 2 mil gil). Then Fafnir didn't put out at all so no Nidhogg or even drops to mention and we thf burned him to max out th.
Got 3 w.legs finally!!!! Grats Bawlsy, Evilddstroyer, and Louie.

Also been hitting up voidwatch on fridays, but still working on getting to T4's as 1 day a week it takes some time when u only do one or so tier a day.

7/1/2011 - Did everyone go Rng now?

Louie57703ffxi, Jul 3, 11 4:22 AM.
Another week of emp weapon farming but his time with 100% more charm!!!

We finished Bawlsy 85 gun, but in the process Cirein-croin thought it would be fun to only use his charm TP move below 50%.

Grats Bawlsy now you will have an even harder choice on what weapon to use lol

Next up was Dova and he wanted Gandiva.

Grats Dova on your bow now hurry the heck up with your trials.

And we couldn't get away from surprise NM's and it was always Eccentric Eve and we got real creative with charm this time since its hits people outside the alliance lol.

And a big grats to Chairman for finally getting his refresh +1 hairpin from the zone. (This was an event in its self  lol)

6/23/2011 - More Empyrean Weapons

Louie57703ffxi, Jun 24, 11 5:27 AM.
Need to update now or i'll forgot.

We keep the same order as last time for our 2nd round of empyrean weapons so first up was Louie.

We went back to our hell hole Tahrongi Canyon, but we were in and out of there in 3 days (could have been 2 but someone's little prank came at worst time causing lot of drama). Then we moved to Attohwa and finished in 2 days.

Congrats Louie.

Then we moved onto Bawlsy.

We were able to burn the 50 gems in 2 days easy (most of 2nd was us messing around since we had so much free time). Then we moved to Misareaux and were able to get 17 lanterns in 1 day with only 5 people.

Congrats Bawlsy now just finish up them trials lol.

6/10/2011 - Been on little break, but doesn't look like it

Louie57703ffxi, Jun 11, 11 5:51 AM.
After finishing Khidirs weapon we took it easy for a little and just focused on getting +2 gear and such.

We managed to get everyone that comes most of the time all the +2 items they needed for there T1, T2, and T3 jobs (still need seals like crazy lol).

Also since we takin a little break some people found time to burn out this.

Congrats Evilddstroyer and Bawlsy on getting this bow on your own time

Also finished this up while getting AF3+2 items

Congrats Bawlsy on your 90 dagger.

Other than that we started up some Dynamis on fridays and got Rasputtin his Thf hands and tackled some of the new NM's they added and we learned fast that its not like abyssea but still managed to get 1/2 a pop for the Arch Dynamis Lord.

We also took up some Voidwatch also but working on getting everyone a T4 and all the KI from them.

Then we did some KS99 and got

Grats Theo (your finally no longer gimp) and Louie.

Sadly out of all the KS99 pops for the land kings we didn't get 1 HQ pop

Next week we start our 2nd round of Empyrean Weapons.

5/20/2011 - Why did we get him this sword again?

Louie57703ffxi, May 22, 11 11:31 AM.
Been a slow 2 weeks fighting our way through many groups but it finally over. And of course we had to do this the hard way and finish before KI got put into gold chests and multiple ??? added for the NM's.

Congrats Khidir u earned it, now for the love of god get your ws ratio higher than your death ratio.

And like always in the process we got lots of +2 for people.
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